Brauer's Aviators






Pushing forward!!

Thanks to the hard work of some members, land owners, and local residents

the new Brauer Field will be a reality!! It will be worth the wait!..

huge 400 x 75' runway with clear approaches.

I would like to reconize a few people..

VP Joe Suarez.. Joe has busted his butt for several years searching for a new field.. including lining up tiller and later a tractor and rake to prepare the field.

Secretary Brian Mau, who initiated contact with the land owner. He also facilitated the negotiations with Heblers and the Wendleville fire Co. to provide access to the new field.

Thomas Izard, the land owner who offered the use of his property..

Member Jerry Rucker, Who sacrificed his lawn tractor and rototiller to help prep the field.

Tom Thompson, who tilled the rest of the field after Jerry's tiller died..

Joe McCafery, Local resident who used his tractor and york rake to groom the field and remove rocks.









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